Partnership and LLC Bankruptcies: Unique Legal Issues and Recent Case Law Developments | Strafford


THSH's Michael Riela and Richard Trotter will discuss some of the issues that arise in the bankruptcies of partnerships and LLC entities and their partners or members, recent partnership bankruptcy cases, and much more.

What Attorneys Need to Know About the Small Business Reorganization Act of 2019 | Celesq


On April 7th, bankruptcy attorney Michael Riela will discuss the key features of new Subchapter V, as well as the potential benefits and drawbacks to filing a Subchapter V case.

Webcast The End of Prohibition? Pending Federal Cannabis Legislation in 2020 | Lawline


Join James Rieger for a webcast on the significant pending Federal legislation focused on cannabis in 2020, and what the potential changes could be to the cannabis industry.

Construction Management Agreement Pricing | Part 1 of Construction Management Agreement Series


Join us on May 6th for the first event addressing CMA Pricing: Cost Plus/GMP. At this program, Ken Block and Josh Levy, co-chairs of Tannenbaum Helpern’s Construction Law practice, and guest speaker Michael J. Gordon of The Walt Disney Company will cover the pricing components of Cost Plus and GMP CMAs, including trade costs, general conditions costs, CM fee and insurance.

*This event was rescheduled from March 17, 2020*

Test Your Legal Knowledge: How a Multistate Mishmash Affects Staffing Operations | Staffing Law Conference


Employment attorney Jason Klimpl will be discussing federal, state, and local employment laws, including background checks, paid sick leave, workplace harassment discrimination, and more at the May 2020 Staffing Law Conference.

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