Who is in Charge? Choosing the Right Fiduciary for Your Estate Plan | PLI


What is the right fiduciary for your estate plan? Join T&E attorneys Yolanda Kanes and Maryann Stallone on August 4th for a PLI program on the fiduciary responsibilities of an executor and an administrator, the qualifications, and the consequences of a fiduciary role without being formally appointed. Reserve a spot now.

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HR Briefing: What Employers Need to Know About the HERO Act


Join THSH employment attorneys Marisa Sandler and Elizabeth Schlissel for an HR Briefing as the speakers discuss the HERO Act, the New York State Department of Labor’s industry-specific model plans, and what employers should be doing now to comply.

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Understanding Construction Management Agreements Part 1: Pricing | Lawline


Join THSH construction attorneys Ken Block and Stuart Rosen on September 2nd for part 1 of a four-part series of programs on construction management agreements and specifically pricing (cost plus, GMPs, and stipulated sums).

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Assessing Construction Contract Damages


Join THSH construction attorneys Ken Block and Stuart Rosen, and Nautilus Consulting's Joseph W. Wallwork for a discussion on assessing construction contract damages.

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Not-for-Profit Corporations: A Primer on Formation and Governance | Lawline


Join THSH's Yolanda Kanes and Ralph Siciliano on November 8th at the Lawline webinar for a primer on formation and governance for not-for-profit corporations.

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